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Dirk van den Broek

Did you know that

as a stocker at Dirk, you receive a nice 29% extra on top of your standard hourly wage? Thats because your salary immediately includes your holiday hours, holiday pay and ADV hours. You can also coordinate this work with your hobbies; together, we agree the working hours that work best for you!

Your tasks

As a stocker, you make sure our customers have a pleasant shopping experience. Your tasks therefore include making sure that the shelves and store are well-stocked, clean, and attractive. However, thats not all the job involves; for example, a customer may have a question you need to answer. A colleague might also ask you for some help, and that’s what makes the work so much fun! You help customers, who often become acquaintances, and colleagues, who often become friends. Its all part of working in a pleasant atmosphere with a fun team!

As a stocker at Dirk, you are:

  • Friendly and helpful
  • At least 14 years old
  • Prepared to work flexibly in different departments
  • A team player, because at Dirk we work together!
  • Can Dirk count on you?

    No work experience? No problem. Your enthusiasm and commitment is the most important thing to us, you can get the work experience on-the-job at Dirk. Are you ambitious? We reward it. Were only too happy to discuss how we can support you in your career. Our Academy is waiting for you!

    Hourly wage, including holiday hours, holiday pay and ADV hours.
    15 year: 5,19 per uur
    16 year: 5,98 per uur
    17 year: 6,84 per uur
    18 year: 7,51 per uur
    19 year: 8,96 per uur
    20 year: 11,95 per uur
    21+ year: 14,93 per uur

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