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Job description

About the job

This is a CTO level role in Inter IKEA group.

Operations Management leads and holds together the development and maintenance of a common foundation for how we work together across the value chain, our operating model.

We enable strategic movements towards the IKEA goals through the strategic landscape and work closely with all parts of the value chain to achieve them.

In this role, you will lead the optimization of the technology and platform landscape across Inter IKEA and together with franchisees to secure enablement of the IKEA strategic movements. You will run, develop and innovate common technology capabilities on behalf of Inter IKEA to drive efficiency, standardization and reuse of technology.

To achieve this, you will lead the technology agenda, to secure a technology landscape aligned with future needs as well as ensuring efficiency in todays operations. You will translate the objectives and ambitions of the IKEA strategic landscape into a future wished position for the area of responsibility, ensuring a roadmap with performance indicators supporting the journey ahead.


About you

To be suitable for this role you will have extensive technology knowledge and experience of leading technology operations and software engineering. You will bring knowledge of technology and platforms in product development, retail and supply chain driven environments. You will also have extensive knowledge of technology frameworks and standards.

In this role, you will need to connect technology contribution to the overall strategies and vision and have an ability to work across Inter IKEA connecting diverse competences to reach the opportunities at hand. You have an ability to work holistically on both strategic level and operational level with an eye for critical details, as well as an ability to communicate around the area of responsibility in a clear and understandable way.

To be successful in this role, the following knowledge, skills and experiences would be valuable:

  • foundation/demonstrable/proficient/in-depth experience in Information Technology including leading technology operations, integration and software engineering 
  • knowledge of technology and platforms in product development, retail and supply chain driven environments 
  • knowledge of technology frameworks and standards 
  • good English language skills with the ability to cater to non-native audiences 
  • a strategic mind that allows you to break down complex information, organise it, and present it in a clear and engaging way 
  • experience working for, or with, an IKEA company
  • the ability to buildtrusting relationships and long-term partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.
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