PostDoc in scalable fabrication and characterization of diamond nanophotonics – DelftUniversityofTechnology(TUDelft) – Delft

  • Delft


The realization of large-scale nanophotonic structures in diamond coupled with color centers will enable the control and readout of a large number of integrated qubits with dense interconnectivity. This is crucial for advanced error correcting codes that can lead to compact and scalable spin quantum computing.

The candidate is expected to focus on the development of a thin diamond-on-insulator (DOI) substrate, and the reliable fabrication of nanostructures and color-centers on this platform. The work will also include material and device characterization at cryogenic temperatures.

Challenges are :

1) A uniformly thinned photonic grade diamond substrate (DOI) platform,
2) Large-scale integrated nano-photonic device fabrication and characterization,
3) Optical and spin characterization of single-color-centers in the fabricated devices with characteristic times (T2 and T1)
4) Manipulation of a spin qubit and characterization with the fidelity.

The DOI substrate, color center incorporation, and large-scale diamond nanophotonic structures will be designed, fabricated, and characterized in-house. Most of the substrate and device fabrication will take place in our two TU Delft cleanrooms. The diamond photonic circuits with embedded color center spin qubits will be first tested at cryogenic temperatures with other world-leading groups with complementary expertise and, then integrated into a 3D stack that contains the necessary interconnections, qubit control elements, driver/control electronics using cryo-CMOS, and opto-electrical interfaces.

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