Postdoc Experimental Investigations of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions on Venus – DelftUniversityofTechnology(TUDelft) – Delft

  • Delft


In the group of Dr. Edgar Steenstra, a laboratory-based Postdoc position is available that is focused on the experimental and numerical investigation of surface weathering processes on Venus and the applicability of the latter to understand Venus’ enigmatic evolution.

The Postdoc position is part of the ERC Starting Grant VenusVolAtmos. In this project, we aim to constrain the chemical links and feedback mechanisms between the interior, surface and atmosphere of Venus, using both experiments and thermochemical numerical models. These experiments will be conducted in the new high-pressure, high-temperature lab that is currently being built as part of the Delft Planetary Labs (DPL) at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft. The successful applicant will conduct weathering experiments on Venus surface rocks under a controlled high-pressure, high-temperature atmosphere and develop thermodynamic models to quantitatively describe these processes. The thermodynamic models will provide the basis for novel numerical 2D models of Venus that describe elemental fluxes between interior, crust and atmosphere. The results of this project will significantly aid in interpreting past and future observations of the Venusian atmosphere and surface, and will therefore provide a valuable geochemical framework for upcoming missions to Venus (EnVision, DaVINCI, Veritas).

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