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Job description

You will design a Next-generation mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuit (IC) consisting of a dense array of individually adressable capacitive microsensors (Pixelated Capacitive Sensor: PCS). You will extend prior PCS chip designs with exciting new functionalities (multi-mode). The chips will be used in the Dutch research project “OBSeRVeD” () to create an higly flexible electronic nose for early detection of animal health problems. The data acquired with your chip(s) will be analyzed with machine-learning algorithms. You will collaborate with researchers and companies of various disciplines like chemistry, embedded systems, software, signal processing and animal heatlh to integrate your chip(s) in live demonstrators that will be tested in the field.



PhD degree in mixed-signal IC design.

Proficient with Cadence Virtuoso ADE (schematic, layout, Verilog-A,…).

Comfortable with Verilog to design state machines, digital I/O, etc.

Mathematical skills to capture capacitive sensor physics concepts in Verilog-A models (required to simulate and optimize your PCS designs).

Team player skills to optimize your interactions with the OBSeRVeD project members.

Good project planning and reporting skills to timely deliver your results, document your achievements in deliverable documents and present them in project meetings.

Good scientific writing skills to write high-impact publications and conference contributions.

Conditions of employment

Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. T he TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, discounts on health insurance, and a monthly work costs contribution.  Flexible work schedules can be arranged.

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