PhD Positions More Reliable Electron Imaging for Semiconductor Industry – DelftUniversityofTechnology(TUDelft) – Delft

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There is a growing demand for smaller and more powerful computer chips. A major challenge to meet this demand is that when components are extremely small, it is hard to make them visible and inspect with light. By using electrons instead of light, the highest possible resolution can be achieved for visualising semiconductor components. Inspection with electrons offers a solution, but the technique still has major, fundamental shortcomings.

<a <a University of Technology and <a will join forces to get a better understanding of the causes of current limitations enabling the realization of faster and more reliable electron imaging for the semiconductor industry.

We are building a team of 7 PhDs and 3 Postdocs with a focus on one of the following research lines:

1. Instrumentation:

  • Applications requirements & research into SEM design
  • Ultraclean vacuum (mini) environment
  • Application-optimized SEM instrumentation (sources, corrector)
  • (Applied) physics, electrical or mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, imaging science

2. Electron-target interaction, with focus on low landing energy

  • Simulation models on charging & damage
  • Experimental characterization on electron-induced damage & charge diffusion
  • (Applied) physics, chemistry, computer science, imaging science, (electron) optics, solid-state physics, radiation chemistry

3. Signal generation and detection

  • Artefact and charging damage removal
  • Novel detector concepts
  • Experimental validation: the holistic approach
  • (Applied) physics, electrical engineering, systems and control, imaging science, (electron) optics, detectors, signal processing, image analysis

To read more about this research collaboration, <a visit our project page.

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