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About this position

The road construction sector in the Netherlands is on the verge of a major transition. The CO2 emissions from the construction, maintenance and use of roads must be reduced considerably. This can be achieved with a longer lifespan of surface courses of the road and by using materials with a lower carbon footprint. TNO contributes to this aspect in numerous ways. For example, we develop lifetime prediction models for asphalt pavements that make predictions based on a combination of data from the practice and theoretical models. We are applying bio-based asphalt binders, which are processed from renewable sources which can lower the use of fossil-based binders i.e., bitumen. Additionally, we conduct research on extending the service life through maintenance, in which rejuvenators are used to extend the lifespan of existing asphalt surface courses. We engage the state-of-the-art characterization tools to evaluate asphalt binders i.e., bitumen and asphalt concrete properties. Our laboratory in Delft is equipped with physico-chemical characterization tools to evaluate material properties from fundamental to field scale investigations.

What will be your role?

We have various research and innovation challenges within the team that can be addressed within a graduation assignment.

  • For the development of the life-time prediction models, it is important that the existing information about the design and construction of the road, contained in PDF documents, can be combined with the performance data from the practice.
  • We are investigating the self-healing capacity of asphalt and most importantly in the binder bitumen, to see how this can be included in road design. There is a need to investigate the influence of rejuvenators on the healing potential of asphalt.
  • We conduct research in extracting oil from algae to develop new biobased rejuvenators. Within this research there is a need to find out which extraction methods lead to the most effective rejuvenators.
  • All these assignments are carried out in a multi-disciplinary team of, among others, road engineers, data scientists and chemical technologists.

    What we expect from you

    You are a master student with an affinity for data analysis and processing. You enjoy working on concrete assignments that are close to practice. You are curious, independent by nature and you are eager to look for novel solutions to the problems you encounter. You enjoy working in a team.

    What you’ll get in return

    You want to work on the precursor of your career; a work placement gives you an opportunity to take a good look at your prospective future employer. TNO goes a step further. It’s not just looking that interests us; you and your knowledge are essential to our innovation. That’s why we attach a great deal of value to your personal and professional development. You will, of course, be properly supervised during your work placement and be given the scope for you to get the best out of yourself. Naturally, we provide suitable work placement compensation.

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